Aug 31, 2010

What we have here is a failure to communicate

I look at the Obama Administration and the Democratic party and shake my head. Here we have a majority party that is in the process of cratering, as John McCain would so eloquently say.

It isn't that they are bad, or that their ideas are bad - it is that they don't know how to communicate them effectively, and Democrats and the Obama administration have failed to do any damage control. Here we have a party that is being destroyed by its own open-mindedness. The kind of dissent that we have seen over the past two years in the Democratic ranks is not-so-easily tolerated within the Republican party.

As a result, the party controlling the US congress has invented its own gridlock.

Who, then, does the Obama Administration blame for the lack of progress on bills and federal appointments?

The Republican Party, of course!

Look, the Democrats blame Republicans for the current economic crisis - that is fair.
They blame Republicans for the poorly planned and executed operations in Iraq and Afghanistan - also probably fair.
They blame Republicans for the crumbling, obsolete infrastructure that hampers the development of business and industry around the US - most definitely fair.

But they can't blame the GOP for their own lack of progress. This is the Democrats' failure and they should own it.

One thing you can say about the Republicans is that their plans might drive this country into ruin, but at least they have plans and they will execute them even if it means making some creative edits to the constitution.

Americans are worried about the economy and their basic security and survival. At this time we have the Republicans giving an assured message that they will cut taxes and somehow that will fix all of our problems (never mind that cutting taxes has NEVER stimulated the economy, created jobs or fixed anything).

Can someone tell me what the Democrats are going to do?

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  1. Control the narrative or lose the conversation. End of story.


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