Sep 6, 2012


Last time I wrote here it was March 2011, in the thick of the Arab Spring. I was drawing on my knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs to try to provide an informed view on what was happening in the region and what it portended for the future in a manner that Western audiences could understand.

 Since then I have worked for The Watertown Daily Times, a small newspaper in upstate New York. The daily slog of reporting work has slowed my productivity, but I intend to return to this blog to write about issues of local, state, national and global importance, including the ongoing Arab Spring. I am also experiencing a period of painful poverty, so expect the occasional post about how my wife and I are navigating that.

 I have grown a little more crusty in the past months - more conservative, more reclusive - and believe it or not, more jaded. It would be a shame not to post my ramblings to the internet for notoriety. 

Newspaper work, especially reporting on politics, has muzzled my opinions for the time being. I am still allowed to have my own beliefs, but I am committed to portraying all sides of a political argument in a fair and clear manner. Instead, this blog will help me break free of the rigidity of newspaper reporting and write pieces that are fun and entertaining. I don't think I'll write a post everyday, but I won't go for 15 months without a piece. Enjoy the reboot.

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