Nov 11, 2009

Ky Senate Special Election Race Heats Up

The money is already rolling in for the special election to Kentucky's 14th district Senate seat. Two advertisements are hitting the airwaves for Democratic candidate Jodie Haydon. One ad is paid for by the Haydon campaign and runs as a rough introductory bio for the candidate:

The other was paid for by Keep Our Jobs in Kentucky, Inc, a poltical 527 group affiliated with the horse industry. It is largely a record ad. Both of these ads are in keeping with the candidates pledges to run clean campaigns.

Haydon has outraised his opponent, Republican Jimmie Higdon, by an almost 2-to-1 margin.

Haydon and Higdon are running for former Senator Dan Kelly's seat after Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear nominated Kelly to an open judgeship. Most observers agree that the nomination was a political move as Governor Beshear hopes to win back the Senate for the Democrats in order to get an expanded gambling measure passed through the chamber.

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