Nov 5, 2009

November in Kentucky is Boring - Time to Manufacture Some OUTRAGE!

Yesterday, Kentucky's illustrious governor Steve Beshear put an end to an ongoing debate over whether the christmas tree erected at the state Capitol should be called a 'holiday tree'.

Right-wing groups like the Catholic League and the always sane and reasonable contingent at Lexington's Clays Mill Road Baptist Church started jerking their knees last week when the governor's office sent out a release asking for state citizens to donate a 'holiday tree' for the state capital.

Yesterday the governor's spokesperson made it abundantly clear that the governor had not started calling the tree a 'holiday tree' and that the release was actually referring to the giant christmas tree that appeared each year during the holiday season in Frankfort.

By assuming that such a seemingly innocuous statement would go unnoticed suggests that the government underestimates the anger and bitterness of some members of the right - there is such a tremendous persecution complex that has been built up by the talking heads on conservative talk radio and cable news that delusions like these have become more common. The scary thing is that these people have developed a considerable influence over a very large minority of the American population. One only has to look at the maniacs populating 'tea parties' these days to get a sense of profound unease.

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