Dec 9, 2009

The Global Government Conspiracy Theory

I have been critical of Kentucky US Senate candidate Rand Paul for his irrational views on the U.N. and the Federal Reserve. Dr. Paul looks at these institutions as parts of a global government conspiracy to subjegate American sovereignty to a global regime.

House Republicans took this paranoid fearmongering a step further and argued that international cooperation on the major issue of climate change is evidence of a global one-government conspiracy at work.

I think it is important that we stop here and acknowledge that it is true that the United States often gives up a piece of its sovereignty. Every time we sign a treaty with another international power or cede a piece of authority to a state government, we chip away at the sovereignty of our supreme national government. What Republicans are objecting to is not a conspiracy, but the way power politics functions. As it turns out, the government has decided to cede out some of its sovereignty to over 10,000 active treaty agreements. These treaties govern activity on subjects as diverse as ocean navigation, weapons proliferation and the conservation of albatrosses.

For a bunch of people supposedly working to take over the entire world in some kind of Dr. Evil/Ernst Stavro Blofeld-esque coup, the Copenghagen summit attendees sure seem to have issues coming to a consensus. Conspiracy indeed.

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  1. Study the European Union. The people of Europe were told it would be merely an economic trading zone but it now seems to resemble more of an empire run by unelected breaurcrats. If we don't want that to happen to the rest of us, we had better start paying attention and do something whether you call it a conspiracy or not.


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