Dec 9, 2009

Kentucky and Local Politics Time

Bad signs for Democrats in Kentucky. An attempt by governor Steve Beshear to take the Senate for the Democrats failed as Republican Jimmy Higdon defeated Jodie Haydon for the 14th district state senate seat occupied by Dan Kelly. This loss will make the governor's pro-gambling agenda difficult to pass in next year's session of the General Assembly.

The loss of a long-safe Democratic state house seat in eastern Kentucky's 96th district should also have the party nervous about their chances next year. Not that Kentucky is well known for being a blue state, but after some well fought battles for US Senate seats many Democrats have been optimistic about their chances of winning Jim Bunning's seat in 2010 and adding to their majority in the US Congress.

I like to save the best news for last: Lexington, KY vice mayor Jim Gray is challenging Jim Newberry for the position of mayor of Lexington. Newberry has overseen the failed Centrepointe project and major scandals at Bluegrass Airport and the Lexington Public Libraries. Jim Gray represents a progressive but rational voice in local government. In a shocking twist, Gray counts well known arch-conservative Scott Crosbie among supporters for his mayoral bid, which he announced today.

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