Dec 14, 2015

What I'm Listening To

Most of my music is listened to either live, in person, or via iPod hooked up to my car stereo. But occasionally, at home or at work, I get a chance to turn up the stereo or put on the earbuds and zone out to good tunes. Here's what I'm liking currently.

I’m an old school guy when it comes to music, but I like new-school sounds.

I like people who have footprints in both the future of music and the past. Few people embody that strange dichotomy better than Dr. Alex Patterson and his space-ambient-techno-noise duo The Orb. This is my brain food:

Sometimes, I want music with some more booty-shaking qualities, and I go back to my mid-90s electro-house hero, Fatboy Slim.

And there’s nothing better than a little rock n’roll flavor mixed in, so here’s an impressive outtake from a concert I saw last year (2014) at The Gathering of the Vibes music festival in Bridgeport, Conn.: Lotus channeling The Talking Heads.

And, of course, last weekend I got to party down with the Funkateers as George Clinton came home to New Jersey and played a 3-hour-plus show of awesomeness. This music always has a spot on my playlists.

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