Jan 31, 2011

Day Six, and the people still control the streets

The protests and demonstrations in Egypt have stretched to last almost a week, with neither the disgruntled populace nor the entrenched dictator Hosni Mubarak willing to budge. Nobel Laureate Mohammad ElBaradei publically addressed protesters today and requested Egypt's president of 30 years to step down. It is unclear whether this crisis is close to being over one way or another.

But this amazing video did come out of Egypt today of protesters praying in the streets.

There are also reports of protesters in Tahrir square cleaning up after themselves and sharing packets of bread as they stood together today.

In the meantime, Al Jazeera official had its Egyptian press credentials revoked and its offices locked down today, severely limiting information and coverage of the crisis there.

If you still don't believe this is a crisis, then brace yourselves for this tidbit: Anderson Cooper has flown into Egypt. I don't know about you, but if I EVER see Anderson Cooper or Jim Cantore in my neighborhood, I'm leaving as fast as I can.

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