Jan 24, 2011

Three Stories You Have To Follow Today

The big news today is the Moscow explosion that as of 1 PM killed 35 and left 130 wounded in Domodedovo airport. Russian authorities are now calling the attack a terrorist suicide bombing, but it is still unclear who exactly is responsible.

Also looming is President Barack Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday evening where the President is expected to call for vigorous federal activity to encourage businesses to hire workers while calling for more bipartisanship and conciliatory rhetoric.

Finally, thousands of leaked documents on the middle east peace process have been released by al Jazeera at a time when tensions and uncertainty in the region are coming to a climax. Among the surprises in the documents are sizable concessions on the part of the Palestinian Authority that offer Israel control over most of East Jerusalem, a move that should alienate the Palestinian government from its consituency.

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