Jan 28, 2011

A Late Night Egypt Update

Protests continue in Egypt against the government of Hosni Mubarak, a key ally of the United States and the dictatorial leader of the largest Arab country by population.

Here's some footage of a protest in Egypt and a 'Tiananmen Square' there.

It seems that today at least some Christians in Egypt have sworn to protect Muslim protesters there. Noon prayers happen in a little more than 3 hours, evening prayers less than 10. It will be interesting to see if this pans our given the heightened tensions between Egyptian Copts and the Muslim majority there over the past year.

There has beena major disruption in all internet and mobile phone access in the country, and there are tweets reporting the government setting up medieval-style fire-trap in public gathering areas. I know that they are just Twitter rumors, but when combined with the communication disruptions, I fear for my friends in Egypt right now. I am following #Egypt loyally right now.

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